Sunday, November 22, 2009

God and the Archangel Gabriel create a paradise called Gibraltar... but...

God and the Archangel Gabriel were sitting on a cloud one day.

God said, "I know... let's create a Rock and call it Gibraltar!"

Gabriel took notes.

"We shall site it where it is warm in the summer but not too cold in the winter."

Gabriel scribbled away frantically.

"We'll make the people good natured, kind and tolerant of all races and religions" God boomed.

Gabriel replied, "Even the Jews and Muslims?"

"Yes. Even them" God replied nodding.

"We will place the Rock close to the ocean and sea, so that seafarers can stop and rest and mix with these lovely people. This Rock shall be beautiful with wild animals and flowers and in this Rock I want caves with stalagmites and stalactites that generations can see and enjoy."

Gabriel scribbled away.

"On their shores we shall create reefs and provide plentiful fish for food and enjoyment... And give them beaches with fine white sand and make sure they have clean seas."

At this point, Gabriel stopped taking notes and he looked up at his Master.

"Lord, why are you being so generous with these people?"

The Lord smiled. "Well, my son, I haven't told you yet who their neighbours are going to be!"

With thanks to Tommy for sharing this with me!