Monday, March 30, 2009

Wanna buy me a beer?

In my 'Contact Me' box and Contact Me page, where I offer you the opportunity to send me a message, I also say you can send me the usual death threats but that I prefer if you sent money!

Well, of course, I hope you realise this is said somewhat 'tongue in cheek! wink

However, if in the unlikely event that you do want to send me money... maybe you've particularly enjoyed one of my 'tales' or you appreciated a point of view I have expressed... you might want to buy me a beer? rolleyes

Believe it or not, another reader, clearly deluded... (maybe he had too many beers... biggrin ), has suggested this! Well, now you can buy me a beer if the urge takes you!

I've added this donation box on the bottom right side bar, that allows you to send a little donation, effortlessly and securely... via Paypal... all you have to do is click on the 'Donate' button below... and Paypal will walk you through the easy 'donate' process!

So... cheers me dears... mine's a pint of Adams best bitter! Thanks very much in advance! biggrin


Justin Roberts said...

Good choice of beer! Es una suerte that we can buy Broadside at Morrisons.

I know yr still on the fence re twitter, but they are all there:

@solebear (Fergus the brewer)
@AndyatAdnams (the Chairman)

Cybernest said...

Ahhh... Justin... man after my own heart! :)

Broadside at Morrisons? Excellent... though not exactly a 'session bitter' (bit too strong for my wobbly head) it's certainly a nice beer to savour on occasion!

As for following Adnams (any) on Twitter... I did for a while. Made me thirsty and I also realised I was constantly having to go to the loo so I had to take 'em off! I find it more conducive (practical) to follow them... in my local not even a minute's walk our of my front door! ;) lol

Speaking of Adnams, though my staple diet IS the Adnams Best... I've also been enjoying a rather nice mild they recently put out... Oyster @ only £2.50 a pint... a bargain and excellent sup!

I notice you blog on Sherry
from Jerez! :) We have a lot in common!! I have had a lifetime love of sherry.. in all it's forms... and also of Jerez and surrounding areas. I use Jerez airport regularly and much prefer it to Malaga... especially since I have the opportunity to load up on a nice Solera 1847 from Gonzalez Byass (or any of their 'olorosos') or ANY Manzanilla from Sanlucar de Barrameda or Puerto de Santa Maria which I really love. My favourite being 'La Guita' (the one with the string hanging down from the top)... an excellent Fino! :)

Now you got me really slaverring!! lol

Thanks for your comment and visit today Justin!

Saludos! :)