Saturday, October 09, 2010

On Anais Anais

I so enjoyed writing my little poem on Colonel Slade the other day that I thought I would have a go at another one.

'Anais Anais' recalls a recurring argument, about Cacharel's famous scent, which I had many years ago with a proverbial 'old flame'... a lovely smelling one at that... as this was her favourite perfume... and, to this day, remains one of mine too! :)

Anais Anais

One day, tenderness will move the world,
she said, it’s a slogan for Anais Anais
Mispronouncing the name, again she twirled
She insisted it’s neigh… it’s neigh… it’s neigh

It’s named after Anna’is Nin, I repeated
a feminist writer from French gay Paris
which is why the Gallic name is needed
and it’s nay Anais Anais !

A little read of Anaïs Nin on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, may enlighten the more curious and interested reader.

Finally, again the curious reader may also be interested and like to read this discussion, How do you pronounce "Anais" at, which I offer with a certain triumphal glee! ^_^