Thursday, June 04, 2009

Duff refuses to answer questions on being British

You may have read my post a couple of days ago, where I laid into my incumbent LibDem MEP, Andrew Duff (the 'Old Duffer'), in the East of England EU constituency, about his apparent anti-British, anti-democratic and anti-Gibraltar stance.

My discovery of his attack on Gibraltar and how proud Gibraltar was when celebrating 300 years of being British, calling it "tawdry nationalism", incensed me. I am particularly aggravated by his support for Spain's continual bullying of Gibraltar and his disregard for the freely and democratically expressed wishes of 30,000 European British citizens!

This put me in a bit of a quandary as to who to vote for today. To resolve my quandary I contacted Linda Jack (who is listed 2nd in LibDem East of England list) and she, unlike the 'Old Duffer', had the courtesy to reply... in fact within about half an hour.

This is what Linda Jacks had to say on being British:

Where I stand on Britishness. Like you I have served in the armed forces and continued to serve my fellow citizens in public service since.

I consider myself patriotic, if elected I will not only be representing the interests of the East of England but also the nation as a whole. Because of my commitment to my country I am also committed to seeing the success of the EU, we truly will be "stronger together". I am certainly not a little Englander, and frankly, like many of my fellow citizens would not be here at all if it hadn't been for cross European immigration!

There is much to do to reform the EU to make it more democratic and effective - to ensure it truly upholds the very values expressed in the Lisbon Treaty.

That's good enough for me... and I thanked Linda for her candid, courteous and prompt reply. She WILL have my vote! smile

I AM still very pissed off with Duff

As for the 'Duffer'... I am still very pissed off with him... especially since he has not had the courtesy to reply to my two emails and various Tweets on Twitter!

Clearly... he does not want to answer... or considers he can avoid answering my questions without regard for me... or for the electorate. That in itself says a lot about him!

I shall continue to pursue him for an answer on where he stands on being British.

With this in mind, I have contacted all the local newspapers and one or two of the nationals too... (not my comic but The Sun likes a good rant about EU anti Britishness so I included them!) hoping to interest them on the news... that Andrew Duff evades the straight question on where he stands on being British... and why does he negate the rights and freely and democratically expressed wishes of 30,000 European British citizens!! evil


Matt said...

Particularly annoying from a Lib-Dem, I expect better from them

Cybernest said...

That's exactly my feeling Matt... thanks for your support!

I can tell you... this has really caused me a problem! I came very close to deciding to give my vote to the Greens!!

Paul said...

I have voted UK Independence for this very reason.

UKIP are naturally friendly towards Gibraltar and would most likely take a far more hardline stance towards Spain.

I'm not Gibraltarian but Gibraltar can be British for as long as it wants. Preferably forever and the Spanish can go hang.