Friday, May 01, 2009

Baby P man guilty of raping girl... is he a danger to the public?

The BBC this afternoon reported that Baby P man is also guilty of raping a little girl!

The boyfriend of Baby P's mother has been convicted today of raping a two-year-old girl in north London.

The allegation came to light after the 32-year-old man was arrested over the death of Baby P, who has now been named as Peter.

The girl's mother was found not guilty of cruelty to the girl, by a jury at the Old Bailey.

The girl, like 17-month-old Baby P, was on the Haringey Council child protection register.

False names

The couple and the girl cannot be identified for legal reasons.

They were tried under false names amid fears that an internet hate campaign could influence jurors.

The pair were remanded in custody, to be sentenced on 21 and 22 May.

The boyfriend will be sentenced for rape and for causing or allowing Peter's death in August 2007, along with the woman and lodger Jason Owen.

The judge will be able to pass a life sentence on the boyfriend "if he considers him to be a danger to the public"! eek

Oooh.. that's a difficult one... let me see now???? rolleyes

Sheeeesh... YES of course he IS a danger to the public for christ sakes! Bang him away... throw away the damn key!!

I'm not a supporter of capital punishment... but at times like these... my conviction is very shaky... and I do wonder if animals like this... in these instances should be 'wasted'!!

I say 'animals' losely... as animals do not do this sort of thing to their young. They (unlike some of us humans) are far too noble!



aahavaa said...

some animals eat their that noble?

Cybernest said...


So are you suggesting what happened to Baby P... was 'noble'??

aahavaa said...

No, its just that there are animals who eat their young. I find what happened to baby P abhorrent but capital punishment isnt justified whatever the crime in my opinion. Life without parole is a perfectly reasonable option which doesnt involve man playing the role of God in deciding when a person ought to die.
Greetings from a fellow Gibbo :) or giboess LOL

Cybernest said...

You're right! All I said... was that at times like these... my long held conviction against capital punishment... was 'shaky'. That was said out of anger and a certain frustration that these things still go on in our advanced and enlightened society. I too of course find what happened to Baby Peter abhorrent and appalling!

Thanks for your greeting... always delighted to hear from fellow Gibraltarian Llanitos and Llanitas... especially those who are prepared to offer a well argued and balanced comment!

Saludos! :)