Monday, May 04, 2009

Higgins looking like the Champ... as Willie continues to be a pain and thorn in my ears

After over 30 years watching BBC Snooker... I find it very sad that I am forced to watch the
Snooker World Championship Final on Eurosport!! :(

This is solely because of the BBC Snooker producers' insistence to select Willie Thorne as commentator... despite his widespread unpopularity. Unbelievable!

Thorne's 'machine-gun' like 'motor mouth' commentary, with continual inanities... constantly predicting the outcome of shots wrongly... and speaking through important shots... (well every shot!) is just exasperating!! twisted

In complete contrast, Joe Johnston's commentary on Eurosport UK is much easier on the ear... and blood pressure!! cool

Having had my little rant... things are looking distinctly bleak for Shaun Murphy having just lost the afternoon session 1-3. At the break, John Higgins is 14 - 6 up. Barring an amazing comeback by Murphy, a feat never seen in a Snooker World Championship Final at the Crucible... Higgins is looking like a Champ! On the balance of play... he well deserves it!

Update - 21:05

Congratulations to John Higgins on achieving the inevitable... and becoming for his 3rd time... the World Snooker Champion! cool

Not one of the 'classic' finals... but nevertheless well deserved!