Saturday, May 02, 2009

Poet Laureates kindred spirits and personal ads

A thought provoking post today by 'Clouds moving in' about Poet Laureate and Kindred Spirits, congratulating the appointment of the new poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy... a sentiment which I would like to share.

In her research for her post on the new 'Laureate' however, 'Clouds moving in's thoughts were strangely diverted and turned to the Daily Telegraph, that bastion of 'middle england' (perhaps a little more highbrow than the Daily Mail) and its 'Personal Ads'.

What she saw there has rather affronted 'Clouds moving in' and urged her to comment:

"Oh, and all the men seemed to have conservative/right wing politics. Hardly unexpected I suppose. Oddly, very few of them claimed to smoke.

Regardless of the political socio-economic issues, what really got up my nose was the idea that fat middle-aged men with a bit of money seemed to consider it their right to advertise for a younger, slimmer, slightly shorter, intelligent woman to do exactly what they were told. Oh, and attractive or very attractive of course - because women are only worth judging on their looks, aren't they?"

No... not at all! We also judge them on their ability to cook, sew, dust, hoover (when I'm at the pub or not watching the match), provide intelligent conversation ("would you like another beer dear" works for me). We also judge them on how much of a complete tart they can be in the bedroom! I could go on.

Anyhow, as you can imagine... I couldn't resist a reply... with my own 'personal ad':

Short stumpy balding toothless grumpy breast fed leftie commie smoking liberal (56) with very little money looking to share life and love with rich glamorous tall curvy sexy ladies (25 to 35). Must love football and beer. All replies will be answered! :)

Can't wait to review all the replies!! rolleyes

Maybe you too would like to take up the opportunity offered here. It's bound to attract the interest from many likely ladies searching for suitable partners across the net. Don't miss your chance to find your preferred partner in life and love!

To post your 'personal ad' click here!

I do hope 'Clouds moving in' sees through my tonguey cheekiness! lol


roughseasinthemed said...

Our conversation is guaranteed to be a winner. I am very good at 'would you like another beer dear' invariably followed by 'and can you pour me a glass of wine darling'. I do hope you can manage the appropriate response. :)

Cybernest said...

Oh yes... ! I can manage an appropriate response alright... and I'm also still perfectly capable of pouring a glass of wine for interesting women... yes! No problem at all! :)

For other readers' sanity... and in the interest of clarity... 'roughseasinthemed' and 'Clouds Moving in' are one and the same... an interesting lady... who, as women do... likes to keeps us mere males confused and guessing. I am hoping she will not mind my clarifying this! :) ^_^