Sunday, May 17, 2009

Speaker Martin to make expenses statement to the House of Commons tomorrow

Commons Speaker Michael Martin will make a statement to MPs tomorrow amid rapidly mounting calls for him to quit over his handling of the MPs' expenses crisis.

Tonight, The Independent is reporting his spokeswoman as saying "the statement will be focused on how to resolve the problem of allowances as swiftly as possible".

The House of Commons Speaker's intervention will come as a 'motion of no confidence' is tabled against him by a cross-party group of MPs and after Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg joined calls for him to resign.

The spokeswoman would not be drawn on whether Mr Martin would tackle his own position in the statement, amid reports he was set to announce he would step down before the next General Election.

As the latest group of MPs targeted by leaked claim revelations sought to defend their demands on taxpayers' cash, Mr Clegg said Mr Martin had dragged his feet in reforming the system.

A brave and bold call by Nick Clegg... and well done to him!

I have emailed my MP and urged him to back the motion of no confidence. If you are as disgusted as I am with Speaker Martin and agree with Nick Clegg and others, I would suggest you do the same!


Oh and you might want to see The Speaker's Reply to Nick Clegg - Ye're deid man! wink


TGRWorzel said...

My MP (Chris Huhne) has come out publically, on live national TV to say the Speaker should go. I'm also aware that I'm being followed by all the main parties on Twitter. I don't think I need to Email anybody at the moment. They all know what I think (hopefully) !

Cybernest said...

Well... you may be right Worzel... but it strikes me, if I was Chris Huhne... having stuck my neck out with a brave call censoring the Speaker, I would probably welcome a message of support from my constituents, stating their support and pleasure that this motion is being tabled and saying that you, the constituent back him in supporting his call to vote in this motion against the Speaker.

Personally, on big issues, as this one no doubt is, I like to make my voice heard, every way I can.... but each to his own! :)

Thanks for your comment today! Let's see how the vote goes. I'm not holding my breath though.