Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chelsea robbed in Champions League semi final

I'm no Chelsea supporter, though as the English team, I would have loved to have seen them win tonight... especially to naff off Michelle haw hee haw Platini, and have an all English Champions League Final.

But... it wasn't to be!

Due to some amazing blind refereeing, ten man Barcelona, in the 93rd minute, equalised and won the night on the away goal rule!

I've just sat through watching the replays. If I was a Chelsea supporter... I would be VERY VERY annoyed to say the least.

Chelsea were quite simply robbed by the Referee... and by the linesmen! There were at least three clear instances when a penalty should have been given! One would have thought they would have been awarded AT LEAST one of them!!

I can't recall every feeling sorry for them before but tonight... my commiserations go out to all Chelsea supporters!

To my mind, there should be some inquiry over the quality of the refereeing tonight. At best, it was appalling... at worse... well, I wouldn't want to say on the grounds that I fear my comment would be libelous! Disgraceful refereeing! twisted

All I can say is... C'Mon you Reddddddsssss in the Final!! cool