Monday, May 18, 2009

Gibraltar and the European Elections 'Early Day Motion' tabled in UK Parliament

I was very pleased and encouraged to hear of an 'Early Day Motion' tabled in the UK's House of Commons last week, by Lindsay Hoyle MP (Labour, Chorley Lancs), the Chairman of the 'All Party Gibraltar Lobby Group' in Pariament.

'Gibraltar and the European Elections' - 'Early Day Motion' - 14.05.2009 - Tabled in the House of Commons

"That this House notes the great enthusiasm demonstrated by Gibraltarians in exercising their right to vote in the European elections as part of South West England constituency; notes with admiration that in 2004 the turnout at 60 per cent. was nearly double the UK average; acknowledges the battle that Gibraltarians fought for their right to vote at the European Court of Human Rights; commends the level of political awareness and eagerness to express themselves democratically; and hopes the high turnout tradition will be recognised and influence the wider European electorate."

Four MPs (to date) have joined Mr Hoyle and signed the 'Early Day Motion'. These are: David Crausby, Jim Dobbin, Peter Bottomley and Andrew Dismore.

As Chairman of the 'All Party Gibraltar Lobby Group' in Parliament, Mr Hoyle is a long time supporter of Gibraltar and regularly promotes and highlights many issues important to Gibraltar, with questions in the UK House of Commons.

Support for Gibraltar MEP Candidate - How you can help

Gibraltarian Jonathan Stagnetto (on the right) has put himself forward as a candidate and will be standing for election in the forthcoming vote for the European Parliament in the Gibraltar and South West England Region constituency on 4th June 2009, as part of the UK Liberal Democrats List.

You can support Jonathan Stagnetto, in his campaign to put Gibraltar 'on the map' during the European Parliamentary Election, on his Facebook Group. If you haven't done so already, why not join over 300 people who have already voiced their support for Jonathan's Campaign for Gibraltar in Europe?

If you have family or friends in Gibraltar or living or perhaps studying in the constituency areas of the UK, you can also help by inviting them to join the Facebook group and support and vote for Jonathan.

Support our Gibraltarian candidate... Vote for the Liberal Democrat list on the 4th June and help to try and elect the first Gibraltarian to the European Parliament! cool

Read more about Jonathan Stagnetto, his candidacy and campaign for Gibraltar and the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliamentary Election here