Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MPs' expenses: Vote of 'no confidence' tabled on Speaker Martin

Following my rant yesterday about my disgust with House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin, I am pleased to see support is growing for a 'no confidence' motion against him.

I'm glad some Backbenchers agree with me and have now drafted a Commons motion calling for the Speaker to step down for approving the allowances system that MPs have exploited with questionable claims, damaging parliament's authority.

Douglas Carswell, the Tory MP behind the campaign, said he was confident of securing cross-party support and believed that the 'dishonourable' Mr Martin could be removed before the next election.

Good riddance... the sooner the better!

I have emailed my MP and urged him to back the motion. I would suggest you do the same! wink

On MP's Expenses

I just heard Tony McNulty pathetically sidestepping some, surprisingly very polite, questioning by Kay Burley on SKY News.

McNulty, who is the employment minister, is today being urged to consider repaying money to the parliamentary authorities as pressure grows for an investigation into the way he claimed £60,000 in allowances on the constituency home where his parents live.

His arrogance in the interview, still insisting that he was entitled to make these claims and that it was within the rules... is just enough to drive me to apoplexy!

He's not alone of course. I watched Douglas Hogg and others... making the same claims. They just don't get it!

The question is not whether their abusive claims were within the rules... the question is and should have been in their minds when they considered making these claims... is it right? The answer... in the vast majority of cases is an emphatic NO! No it was not right for them to make claims for expenses that go far beyond what the MPs expenses system was originally set up to deal with.... a system which in principle, I have no problem with. But I do have a very BIG problem with the way they have abused it.

I've got an even bigger problem with the way they are now going around trying to defend the indefensible... apologising, hypocritically banging on saying they agree the system is wrong and that it should be put right as a matter of urgency.

The fact IS... that in the vast majority of cases that has been exposed by the Daily Telegraph... and bloody good for them... these expenses should NEVER have been claimed for in the first place!!

But... they did make the claims... and now the they are responsible, individually... and whether they pay these back or not... (of course they should)... the electorate will be holding them responsible. That is for sure... and rest assured, this post is NOT a partisan party whip!