Monday, February 09, 2009

All new 'A Gibo's Tale' blog

After much thought and a long time feeling rather frustrated at not having an outlet for my rants, comments and observations... other than my Facebook page or... just recently adding 'tweetering' on I have decided to resurrect this old dormant blog... and amuse and entertain myself and maybe others too... for as long as this urge lasts. As we all know... urges come and go... and some last longer than others!

For those of you who land on this blog thinking you're going to read a WWII novel.... sorry to disappoint you. This blog first started life in 2004... when for a bit of fun... the urge took me to write a few chapters for a project... well a novel actually.

The novel was to be about the events of what might have happened in 1941, during World War II, if Spain's Fascist Dictator General Franco, in a pact with Hitler's Third Reich, had invaded Gibraltar. A Gibo's Tale was to be the story of events leading up to and during the aftermath of the invasion and Lt. Cdr. Anthony Valoris RNR's part in the Gibraltarian resistance to occupation by Fascist Spain. A fuller Introduction (along with a few chapters I wrote) can be found here.

I hope that clairifies any confusion. I also hope you may enjoy what you come come acros here now... and that you come back and read some more from time to time.