Sunday, February 15, 2009

Defining the word or term 'Gibo'

As you've probably realised... I call my Blog A Gibo's Tale. The reason why I call it so is probably obvious to any Gibraltarian... that is someone born and bred in the famous Rock of Gibraltar. I am a Gibraltarian and we are often referred to as 'Gibos'.

Being called a 'Gibo' can sometimes be offensive and I am aware some Gibraltarians feel offended by the term. However, in my experience, the word is more often used in a friendly manner (even at times affectionately), purely as a shortcut, an abbreviation for Gibraltarian, which one must admit, is a bit of a mouthful.

Since this blog contains a growing series of articles... stories about my thoughs and observations... musings if you like, I thought it apt to call it... A Gibo's Tale!

Now... just out of curiosity... and I've never done this before but I was sitting there watching the Six Nations rugby union games on telly this afternoon when the thought entered my mind... don't ask me why... but it did. I suddenly wondered whether any dictionary has ever defined the word 'Gibo'.

So, tonight, I looked it up on a couple or two well known online Dictionaries. What I found surprised me... and mostly I have to admit, disappointed me.

Disappointingly, the most well known dictionaries online,, Cambridge University Press's Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia and Merriam-Webster Online, all found NO definition for the word 'gibo'!

But... I did in the end find a little gem. It's quite amusing so I thought I would share it with you here.

Ever come across the Urban Dictionary? The Urban Dictionary defines itself as 'the slang dictionary you wrote'. It challenges us to 'define our world'... and boy they do! Here's a direct quote:

"Urban Dictionary edumacates even the hippest of cats!"
Fascinating huh? Here's a few examples I picked up off their front page:
hello list

The list of people you have to or want to say "hello" to on a daily basis. Especially relevant for students in university buildings, or coworkers in a workplace. Some people might decide to put you on their hello lists, even if they aren't on yours! Typically, reciprocity is expected.

Dropping someone from your hello list to just a nod when you pass him or her might be considered a snub by the other person.

When you remember, the morning after, something you said, wrote, did, didn't say, etc., the day before..

'I texted undying love to that chick at the party when I got home.. This morning, I'm having retro-cringe, bigtime..'

a condition affecting buddies on a trip who fall asleep as soon as the car starts moving, providing no company or driving help

Joe slept the whole way here, I think he suffers from carcolepsy.

Too many twitters per hour.

Guy Kawasaki had twitterrhea when he posted 18 Tweets in one hour on a Friday afternoon.

A year from the date on which you were fired from a job.

"Next week is my canniversary from Enron!"
coin wanking

The act of jangling change held in a suit trouser pocket, usually performed by male office workers whilst stood chatting to colleagues

to stand near someone, chatting to them, but simultaneously coin wanking by caressing and fondling the change in your pocket
Fun huh? Yes... I thought so too!

By this time I'm thinking... if anyone has defined the word 'gibo', it's got to be these guys... right? Well, this time, I was not to be disappointed!

Urban Dictionary: Definition for 'gibo':

1. gibo 3 thumbs up love ithate it

when a boy thinks hes all that and trys to think he's better than everyone else. He constantly compliments himself and says how great he is all the time. A.K.A pretty boy
Yo, shawn is a straight up gibo.

by Wing_Whoe Nov 25, 2004

2. gibo 11 thumbs up love ithate it

an arrogent prick who thinks nothing of breaking ppls hearts infact he quite enjoys it
shes had her heart broken by a gibo
by jack and jill Mar 17, 2004

3. gibo 5 thumbs up love ithate it

I big headed fool, who things he's gods gift
ur as big headed as gibo

by vera Feb 13, 2004

4. gibo 1 up, 1 down love ithate it

Doing a Gibo : Saying you'll be going somewhere when you have no intention of going whatsoever.
"Are you out tonight?"
1 hour later............
"Gibo, where are you?"
"I'm on my way"
1/2 hour later..........
"Gibo. The taxi's here. Where are you?"
"Can't be arsed. I'm staying in getting stoned"

by boooooth Oct 30, 2003

Personally, I like number 1. It's the one that gets closest to the Gibraltarian male psyche. Having said that... it could easily be just as applicable to some of our females too! heh heh

Since the Urban Dictionary is 'written by us'.... I thought I would add my little contribution... expanding man's knowledge no end!

A 'gibo' or 'gibbo' is a slang term which refers to a Gibraltarian. A person born and bred in Gibraltar... on the famous Rock of Gibraltar!

The term can sometimes be offensive but often it is simply used in a friendly or even affectionate manner.

The gibos in Gibraltar are warm, hospitable people!

Those bloody gibos are so laid back, you can never get anything done around here!

I expect... not ALL will agree!