Friday, February 20, 2009

Animated 'Gibo' on a tug in Gibraltar harbour

In a recent post, Defining the word or term 'Gibo', a term often used in reference to Gibraltarians, I wrote that being called a 'Gibo' can sometimes be perceived as offensive, by some, but that in my experience, the word is more often used in a friendly manner.

Trawling around YouTube today, I came across this amusing video which offers an example of what I meant by 'using the term in a friendly' manner.

As you can see, the video's uploader, I'm sure meant no offence, when he named this video 'Tug footage funny gibo'!

This young fella... is certainly excitable and quite amusing and seems a very typical jovial 'Gibo'... or Gibraltarian... or as we say, buena gente este llanito!

I have to admit though, I can hardly understand much of what he is saying. Not entirely his fault, even if his English is.... well a bit llanito, heh heh, but as you can hear (or not in this case), the quality of the audio is not very good and there is a lot of background noise... which I always find a little troublesome.

Anyhow... I thought it would be fun to share it with you here.

Oh... and if any of the participants, of the video happen to visit this page and would like to identify themselves here... I would of course be delighted! Just leave a comment using the 'Comment' feature below... thanks! :)