Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogger makes following blogs easier with Google Friend Connect

If you’re using the 'Follow' feature of Google Blogger, which was introduced a few months ago, you will I'm sure, have enjoyed how easy it is for your readers to follow your blog posts and updates.

According to Blogger Buzz, nearly 3 million communities are using this feature!

Readers can find my 'Follow' feature near the bottom of my right sidebar.

However, I have found many readers are reluctant to 'Follow' using Blogger's feature, simply because they feel... since they are not bloggers on Blogspot (or any other blogging platform) themselves, this feature is not for them. In fact this feature can be used by anyone! A non-blogspot user can simply open a account and 'follow' even if he/she does not have a blogspot blog... or any blog for that matter!

Anyhow... now, you may be pleased to hear, your readers do not have to be restricted by this!

Yesterday, Blogger Buzz announced, that they have adopted 'Google Friend Connect' into their functionality.

This means that your readers, including many who may have wished to follow you, even if they don’t have a Blogger account, can now easily follow your blog using their Google Friend Connect account. So, whether they have tied up their Friend Connect to their Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, Typepad (or any other platform), or not... they can easily join your 'Follow Community' by using Google Friend Connect.

Likewise if you have other blogs in other blogging platform, your users can easily also follow your updates on those, using Google Friend Connect.

Implementing Google Friend Connect will certainly give our blogs more exposure since, if readers of our blogs follow our blogs, our blogs will appear on their Google Friend Connect profiles, which in turn can be seen by our follower’s followers... if you follow me! :)

To make it easier, for all of us who have implemented the 'Follow' feature on our respective Blogger blogs, to implement Google Friend Connect, Blogger has already included the feature on our Blogger Profile (which if you wish can be disabled by editing your Blogger Profile). All we need to do is to set it on (by default, it is ON) to start using the Google Friend Connect (open your Blogger Profile to check).

To learn how to follow a blog using Google Friend Connect, here’s a short video prepared by the Blogger team to guide you:

As I said earlier... if you wish to follow this blog, you can find my 'Follow' feature near the bottom of my right sidebar... just scroll down... hint hint!! :)

For more information, visit Google Friend Connect.