Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Antena 3 TV station airs Gibraltar's "House Of Horrors" allegations

Last Thursday 5th February a local Andalusian TV station, Antena 3 TV featured some serious allegations being made in connection with a Gibraltar Government run home for the disabled on their programme 'Espejo-Publico'. The programme was titled "Gibraltar House Of Horrors". Here's an excerpt from YouTube:

As you can imagine, the programme has caused some consternation in Gibraltar and shortly after it was broadcast, I had this email exchange with a close friend. Their comments are in quotes with my answers in normal type.

I don't know if you've heard about the content of the video, coincidentally I was watching Antenna 3 yesterday when it was aired.
I was not aware of this programme... but thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I have long been aware of the serious allegations being made against the management of the Dr Giraldi home in Gibraltar... very serious allegations of abuse and of unprofessional conduct by staff there. These allegations have been around for quite a while now.
What I say is, that, whether the allegations are true or not (and I'm all for an investigation if there's a need for one) how dare Mr Bossano, la de Fernandez and the two other politicians air our 'dirty laundry' on a Spanish TV programme! What is it they want to achieve with this?
It's a pity that these concerns have not been aired more emphatically in Gibraltar, by the GBC for instance... and most certainly, what is more concerning (and I'm glad you feel this is necessary too... ) is the lack of a independent investigation... maybe even a judicial review in Gibraltar.

The fact that Gibraltar authorities have not properly investigated these allegations... has simply given more credence to our 'neighbours' (and other maybe detractors) to do what they always love to do... highlight our problems... and find anything they can... to be critical about Gibraltar. The shame is... Gibraltar... through the apathy of the authorities to properly investigate these serious concerns... simply continue to give these Gibraltar detractors more ammunition.

What business is it of anybody other than ours here in Gibraltar. What is clear is that Bossano will stop at nothing even shooting Gibraltar in the foot for his own political aims.
Well... I understand your criticism of Bossano... and whilst I would not disagree with your perceived motives... again, if the Gib Authorities had investigated these allegatons properly long ago... Bossano would not have any cause for criticism now... however ill advised or motivated they may be.
Did he not do enough damage to Gibraltar's image by condoning and encouraging the fast launch tobacco smuggling activities or the strikes at the dockyard in order to bring down Kvaerner to the detriment of the misguided workers and Gibraltar as a whole?

Es que los que hace ese hombre me pone negra!!!!
Yes... he's not my favourite 'walrus' either... but of more concern is... what HAS been going on ... or worse... may still be going on at the Dr Giraldi home... and in other ways generally in relation to Disability issues in Gibraltar. These matters need to be addressed by the Government, the Health Authority... and even maybe by the Judiciary... as a matter of great urgency. That is more to the point I think!

If Gibraltar were to regulate, clean and manage itself properly... then no one could criticise Gibraltar... whether it is about disability issues... or any of the many other issues... that I have commented on before... indeed over which we have even fallen out about in the past.. issues such as pollution, human rights, ndescriminate and uncontrolled town planning, etc. Just to mention a few... I could go on!

Finally... our neighbours would do well, to take note of this well known Bible quote:
"You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Matthew 7:5
... and pigs may fly one day too! lol

Let's just try and reduce the reasons for them to have a go at us. Anyhow... good to get that off your chest?? :) Hope you feel better for it.

In closing, one thing I would advise is for you to do what you can to encourage your Ministers... to clean their own house up... before others try to do it for them... the EU for instance... in pollution and human rights (we are being sued shortly on matters related to both these counts) and try and bring Gibraltar into the 21st century... no doubt kicking and screaming all the way!

Good luck! :)