Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't you just luvvv Valentine's Day?

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to get romantic, I AM a romantic... but I'd much rather celebrate a day which is special for me and my partner than get caught up in all the commercial hype... especially when there is no in between. On the 14th of February you are either into it... or you’re out!

When I’m in a relationship the pressure is on... flowers, stuffed animals... overpriced restaurants which you have to book months in advance to have any chance of getting a table!

At times, when I’ve been 'single' it’s been even worse! Everything around me is a reminder that I’m flying solo and even though it’s not a big deal on any other day, it haunts me. I go pacing up and down, resembling something like a caged lion... back and forth between my computer and the front door, hoping for at least one card that’s not been sent by my mum... or worse, my kids!

Regardless, the anticipation of getting a Valentine is still there! :@:@

Today... I'm a lucky fella... I didn't even have to pace from my 'puter to the front door... as mine arrived yesterday! Interestingly packaged gifts... something to read, a romantic music CD... and something very sexy... which, with a mind to discretion (and plain decency... ha ha) will remain a secret... and of course... I'm dead chuffed!! Thanks very much to... 'you know who'!! heh heh :)

But now... I'm sitting here holding my breath... and crossing my fingers... (and all else I can think of...) that MY Valentine's also arrived on time!!

Otherwise... I guess I'll be in the dog house... again!

Happy Valentine's Day all!