Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feedback... would be welcome!

Earlier this month, I revamped this old blog, that had lain dormant for about four years... and re-directed it to a more personal blog.

Calling it 'A Gibo's Tale', I describe it, somewhat 'tongue in cheek', as the "Observations, comments, thoughts and at times maybe irreverent musings of a Gibraltarian abroad... some might even say... from a grumpy old Gibo"!

I've now published 30 items to date this month. You can see the posts listed (linked) on the right sidebar. I'm not sure I shall keep this rate of verbiage up... but one never knows! lol

However, at the risk of sounding a touch churlish, (it wouldn't be the first time for this grumpy git), I'm a little disappointed at the very little feedback I've received to date, either on Facebook (one or two of you have and I'm grateful for those... ), or here on the blog itself, where there are two opportunities to leave feedback.

Perhaps you think the blog is all crap... (in which case... fair enough). On the other hand, maybe it's because you are not aware of the ways one CAN leave feedback... or even, that much of the point of blogging (as with social networking on Facebook or elsewhere), is to have some fun interreacting with each other.... maybe even debating issues raised.

So... to leave Feedback here, you can do so in two ways. Firstly, you can simply 'tick' on the 'Reactions' found at the bottom of each posting... categorising the post as 'funny', 'interesting' or even... 'cool'!

You can also leave a comment, on the posts I've published, via the easy and practical 'Comment' tool provided at the bottom of all posts. You can do this either as a Blogger user, or simply by name (with the option to also leave a URL to your website)... or even as 'anonimous', though I must admit, I'm not too keen on anonimous comments... but they are there if you prefer to comment this way.

Vote on my poll.. and let me know what you think:

Do you enjoy what you read on my blog?
Yes... very interesting!
The posts are funny or amusing
Room for improvement
The blog is shite!
You'd like to kill me
Some of the above... positive
Some of the above... negative
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Anyhow... I think I've made my point. Some feedback... especially comments on the blog and/or a vote on the poll would be great... and much appreciated... thanks in advance!

Saludos! )


llanito sufer said...

El blog ta mo bien brada... I like the ones about llanitos. llanitos forever!

A passing Gib News Forum member said...

Nice new blog Cyber well done! Hope you can fix the 'bandwidth exceeded' crap on the forum soon!

roughseasinthemed said...

Thanks for your last comment on Clouds, which tends to be my ranty blog - sometimes about Gib issues, but not always as you've noticed! My Brit living in Gib blog is http://itchyfeetatforty.blogspot.com. I've got a blogroll on there so I've added your blog to that

Must try and work my way through some of your posts now :)

Cybernest said...

Llanito Sufer... Thanks for your comment! I suspect you might have meant 'Surfer'? Llanito's don't suffer much other than our neighbours perhaps!

Passing Forum Member... I am working on the 'bandwidth exceeded' issue. It's a real pain but... please bear with me... Thanks!

Saludos! :)

Cybernest said...

Hi roughseasinthemed

Thanks for your comment and your Blogroll link... I have reciprocated... and added one or two of your Blogs to my 'Gibraltar Blogs' list!

Nice that you also have a link to Gibraltar News Online Forum... (http://www.gibraltarnewsonline.com/forums) thanks for that too. As I said to 'A Passing Forum Member... I'm working on fixing probs there on 'bandwidth exceeded' issues!

I've much enjoyed reading your blogs recently and I congratulate you for your interesting presence on the 'blogosphere'! Pity you don't have the 'Follow Me' gizmos (mine's on the right sidebar.. hint hint!!) on your blogs or any 'About Me' info... referring to you as roughseasinthemed doesn't exactly run off the tongue... ha ha... but I'll cope!

Oh... and I luvvvv all your playlists... some great choice of music there!

Thanks again for your linkbacks and comment!

Saludos! :)