Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I take my hat off to... Jade Goody

Jade Goody, in happier times at the height of her celebrity, at Soccer Six Music Industry charity football event at Upton Park stadium in London - May 2007
Earlier this week, Max Clifford, Jade Goody's publicist, confirmed media reports that doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London had given Jade just months to live.

Last Saturday Mr Clifford said "she was informed yesterday that tragically, she's terminally ill. She was obviously devastated."

Mr Clifford went on to say that Jade had now begun drawing up a will and making plans for the future care of her two sons.

Jade has been keeping busy this week... making plans for her wedding. All things being well, she will marry her long time partner Jack Tweed this coming Sunday! Congratulations to both!

There has been much written throughout Jade Goody's life in the spotlight, as a celebrity.... often critical, now and then vitriolic. At times... some of her antics have made me uncomfortable. But... I really have to take my hat off to her right now.

Her decision to be so public with her illness is very brave and I applaud her desperate efforts to do whatever she can, while she is still alive, to raise as much cash as she can, to ensure the future of her children... in the hope that they may have the education... and better breaks than she ever had in her childhood!

A by product of the publicity Jade is attracting through her actions is to raise the awareness of cervical and other cancers... and not just amongst women. It is also enabling debate over the issue of death generally, which is a big taboo in Britain.

I think all this is very positive and I take my hat off to Jade Goody... a very gritty and ever the savvy exploiter of the media. Good for her and her family. I extend my very best wishes to her and her loved ones!

Anyone on Facebook... might also like to support Jade... by joining the Facebook Group: Jade Goody - Cancer Support

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Sheila said...

Well written!! I love her she's a nice person. x