Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gibraltar... or Fraggle Rock the home of tea swilling crumpet eating money laundering pirate monkeys since the cavepeople

Did you know that Gibraltar was a large rock inhabited by cavepeople until 1704... since when it has been "lorded over by the British"? rolleyes

Did you know that it is universally accepted that Gibraltar must never fall to the Spanish "because the monkeys WILL leave"? eek

Apparently, Oscar Wilde once said... "lets not pretend that Gibraltar is anything more than a rock"... and no he didn't invent the term 'Fraggle Rock' for it... and having said that, neither do I have any idea who did!

How well do you know Gibraltar's history? I bet you didn't know that in the 1700s Gibraltar was captured by evil fascist money laundering pirates who spoke Gibberish and were sent by the evil General Franco... or that the day was saved by James Bond who used his secret agent British skills to trick the pirates into jumping off the top of the rock like lemmings!

Are you aware that since 1704, when the British took over Gibraltar, Gibraltarians have been British and drink tea and eat crumpets with the rest of them? Well that is a fact. As is the fact that it was agreed it would be British forever under the Treaty of Utrecht and the Spanish have been trying to break that ever since. That IS mostly definitely... a fact!

Now... this may be true too. The people of Gibraltar are possibly the most confused people in existence, or who have ever existed.

A typical family group can be seen in this picture above.

They all speak Gibberish - in fact, they invented the language. They scorn the Slops, otherwise erroneously named (but not in my view) the Spanish, and the Giris, i.e. anyone else not from Gibraltar.

Fraggle Rock (as it should be more properly known) and it´s hangers on also expect everything for nothing, having been cocooned from birth from the outside world, and spoilt rotten by their mothers. Whatever you do when visiting Fraggle Rock, for God's sake don't try to chat up any Fraggle women. Fraggle men will immediately try to kill you, as they view all women in Fraggle Rock as a rare commodity available to only them.... and I have to say, what's wrong with that?


All these gems and many other morsels of great import... can be found in Gibraltar - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia... a spoof website of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,. Perhaps it has to be said, whilst Wikipedia is a great and very informative site, sometimes it does take itself a little too seriously. Then again... perhaps as it should be.

Gibraltar - Uncyclopedia is hilariously funny and well worth a visit... and I congratulate whoever has created or contributed to this very funny satirical compendium of useless and totally untrue... well actually nearly totally untrue bits and pieces of information about Gibraltar. I much enjoyed the visit! cool

Wikipedia - The REAL free encyclopedia

A more truer (well pretty much) version and possibly more accurate information page on Gibraltar can be found at Gibraltar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Matt said...

Hmm, you've forgotten to mention the national dress of shell suits and too much gold :)

Cybernest said...

ha ha Yes... you're right Matt... but then I could have mentioned so many other funny things. I could have even reproduced the whole page... but that rather defeats the exercise I thought.

As I advised... if people would like to use the link I provided and visit Gibraltar - Uncyclopedia they WILL be much amused to read lots more... as I said! :)