Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Telling it to Brown... telling it like it is

When it comes to integrity in politics today... a rare thing... it's good to see one can still count on people like Frank Field MP.

Writing on his blog today... Frank Field, who has been Labour MP for Birkenhead for the past 30 years, tells it like it is to Gordon Brown.

Yesterday, I wrote about Gordon Brown's 'morally defunct government'... today in a blog post, Frank writes about the "Darkness at the Heart of the Labour Party" and tells Brown "he is in for a very rude awakening"!

Frank Field is a worried man. He writes:

"McBride sat on the Prime Minister's political War Cabinet. If this is the war the Prime Minister thinks the country wants he is in for a very rude awakening. In the meantime, Labour supporters are left bewildered and wondering what happened to the moral crusading side of our mission.

Poor old Labour party."
You may well ask Frank... "what happened to the moral crusading side" of the Labour party? What the rest of us are wondering is... what happened to its morals! rolleyes

The sad thing is Frank... they never listened to you before... and I doubt very much if they'll listen to you now. In any case, even if Brown does hear you now... it's far too late... the Labour goose is well overcooked... well past it's 'sale by date' too!

What worries me far more is... I cannot see any viable alternatives... we do not have an 'Obama' waiting on the sidelines... ready to offer our country the leadership it so badly needs!