Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I take my hat off to... Susan Boyle... who Wowed us on Britain's Got Talent

I like to watch Britain's Got Talent now and then during the initial stages, mainly because I can't get enough of the delicious Amanda Holden! wink

To be fair, most of the acts one sees at this stage are pretty much... forgettable.

Now and then though... the programme throws up some amazing gems... which leaves us 'drop jawed' and stunned... amazed in the realisation... that there ARE some fantastic hidden talents out there in Britain! Remember Paul Potts or Connie Talbot?

Saturday threw up such a moment... and brought us Susan Boyle, truly a gem from West Lothian!!

Susan Boyle's story is very ordinary... her looks are... it has to be said, with all due respect to her... very ordinary too. But boy... when she started to sing, her powerful rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables (or Les Mis as it's popularly known), it really made everyone sit up!

Susan Boyle's beautiful voice, in perfect pitch, surprised everyone... especially the panel members who's stunned look was hilarious.... judge for yourself:

Note: Unfortunately... for reasons best known to YouTube, the embedding of this video has been "disabled by request"!! (Whose request I wonder... the programme makers??) Anyway... there's loads of Susan Boyle videos available on YouTube... click here!

Amazing right? smile They say... 'never judge a book by its cover'... but of course, we all did... but, this was yet another moment that brings home to us how true this phrase is in relation to people too!

Susan Boyle creates one of those moments... when the hair on the back of your neck tingles... and for no apparent reason... one stupidly feels like crying.... well those of us who have a heart that is!

Amanda Holden said it was a "complete privilege listening to that"... and I'm pretty sure you agree right? I hope you too thoroughly enjoyed Susan Boyle's first moment of stardom. I'm betting it won't be her last!

Good on yer Susan... I take my hat off to you!! razz

Update - Wednesday 15th April 2009 : Tonight... the sensation Susan Boyle has created... with nearly 8 million views of her various videos on YouTube... has propelled Susan to even make it on BBC 1's Evening News at 6 o'clock!