Friday, April 17, 2009

MI5 gets the message on Scientific Advice... 40 years too late

I read today, with complete incredulity... that the British security service MI5 is recruiting a chief scientific adviser to ‘lead and co-ordinate’ its scientific work.

WHAT?? surprised Does this mean that the British security services... in 2009... in the 21st century... hasn't had a 'chief scientific adviser'... for years already?? Unbelievable!! rolleyes

But... there you have it... according to the Beeb's Science and Environment website... that's how things are with our spy catchers.

Despite being shown the way long ago by the likes of James Bond and 'Q' for over 40 years, (Q first appeared in 1962 in Dr No) our frontline defences on security have not had someone scientifically advising our spies... during all this time. Amazing!! rolleyes

Ah well... better late than never I suppose one would say with typical British phlegm. I wonder what the cousins make of this??

Anyhow... apparently, the the job is being advertised on the MI5 website, with the successful applicant expected to use their expertise to thwart terror operations around the world! (You don't say!)

Candidates for the ‘unique and challenging’ role need to have ‘world-class scientific expertise and credibility’, ‘excellent strategic skills’, ‘outstanding influencing and communication skills’ as well as a successful track record of ‘managing critical projects and processes in a complex environment’.

The post will take up two or three days a week, the advert says. Hmmm... so only part time too! It gets better!

According to the Government's chief scientific adviser, Professor John Beddington, the new recruit will have to keep up with the latest scientific developments to ensure British intelligence stays one step ahead of the country's enemies.

If all this wasn't so serious... it would be laughable... well it IS laughable but... I'm still amazed... stunned!!

Here's something I strongly recommended to applicants... James Bond 007: Q Manual... and I would add to whoever is selected... the best of British luck to you mate... you're going to need it!!

Oh... I just had a brilliant thought! cool I do recall a very suitable candidate may have recently become available on the job market. I am led to believe this chap is apparently very good with poison (hmmm.. but not so good with computer literacy)! Perhaps our man at Westminster... the esteemed Guido Fawkes might like to offer a good letter of reference??

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