Friday, April 24, 2009

Now you too can tell Brown... For God's sake go!

It has been said before and now you and I can say it... and tell Gordon Brown... for God's sake GO!

He never gave us the chance to elect him... and I know he'll have to go sooner or later. In any case, he does have to 'go to the country' (no I don't mean to hide in Southwold again) and call an election sometime between now and May 5th next year.

Frankly, this Government is in such a state (no pun intended) and the country in such a crisis that I really don't think there's any time to waste. So... it really would be best if Brown resigned sooner rather than later... and NOW would be good to my mind!

Many others agree with my train of thought and now someone has set up a Downing Street online petition asking the Prime Minister to resign... so here's our chance to ask him to go!

Not that he'll pay any attention I know... don't think I am kidding myself for one moment. He and his Government NEVER listen to anyone!

I'm also aware that these petitions never really achieve very much... as Guido also agrees, he never links to Downing Street online petitions "because they never achieve anything". But he added:

"However dozens of people have emailed about this petition. Guido has spoken to Civil Service types who confirm that under the rules of the petition service this petition is valid and permissable (sic) since it is non-partisan."

This petition has already attracted hundreds of petitioners in support, including yours truly (and am waiting for the 'Black Marias' to arrive any moment now). As I write, the petition has already reached 3,102!

Guido asks... Will a Million Voters Tell Gordon to Go? He thinks "this could be big, really big"... and I think so too... and if at the end of the day the petition manages to attract some headlines and make a point... then at least Brown will hear it... and hopefully get the point!

Over two million people watched Dan Hannan on YouTube crush Gordon in a speech when he said he was "pathologically incapable". I wasn't sure then... I am now!

Here's what Hannan said to Gordon at the time... see whether you too agree with him now:

If half of the people that watched Daniel Hannan on YouTube can be bothered to tell Gordon to go, it will be a huge symbolic protest against the unelected Prime Minister.

If you too now want Gordon to go... tell him so via his own website: Click here and vote!


Liberal Commie said...

Duly signed :)

In fairness to the incompetent ditherer we don't elect a prime minister as such, and it was fairly well known that he was going to take over at some point. Still, the sooner he goes the better for the country and indeed the rest of the world.

Lenox said...

Hey - and our new captain here in Andalucía, Sr Griñán, who also came through the back door.
What price elections?

NT Potus said...

Wow! This one's got legs - the petition has gone viral overnight and has now reached 5,898!