Sunday, April 26, 2009

I take my hat off to... Carl Froch who produced one of the great comebacks to retain his WBC super-middleweight crown

Today I take my hat off to Carl Froch, who last night produced one of the great comebacks in boxing history to retain his WBC super-middleweight crown against Jermain Taylor in Mashantucket, Connecticut. razz

Carl, who is from Nottingham and is known in boxing circles as 'The Cobra', was well behind on two scorecards going into the 12th round but produced a grandstand finish to stop Taylor with seconds remaining.

Carl had been well outclassed for much of the fight and he went down for the first time in his career in the third. But an exhausted Taylor was unable to withstand his furious late rally.

"What I did in the 12th, that was unbelievable, Carl said.

"I showed a little composure. I got up and knocked him out in round 12. What more do you want?"
Not a lot more Carl... other than winning the fight in such a brave manner... not much more could one want for... amazing!

That is why we love sport

Robin Chipperfield of BBC Radio Nottingham, where Carl is from, said:
"It is easy to get over-excited and caught up in the hype of the most recent sporting event you have seen, but I think Carl Froch's 12th-round stoppage of Jermain Taylor is the most dramatic and unbelievable ending I have witnessed."
I couldn't agree more! I heard the fight on BBC Radio 5 Live last night... and the commentary itself was memorable and very exciting. I felt I was there. Well done to BBC Radio Nottingham. I am trying to find a clip of it to post here... including the name of the commentator... which I missed last night. I believe it was the BBC 5 Live Boxing correspondent Mike Costello... but I can't be sure. I've asked Radio Nottingham if they would confirm this... but alas no reply! Whoever it was... I bet his throat is the worse for wear today! lol


Videos of the fight have now become available on YouTube. Here's one of the last round... showing what an amazing comeback it was! Bear in mind Froch was knocked down in 3rd round. He was losing on 2 scorecards 102-106 and winning on one 106-102 and yet he manages to comes back to win with a KO victory with 14 seconds left in the fight! Watch this:

Full marks to the Referee... who was very quick to stop the fight, before Taylor was badly hurt!

At the time of posting, I couldn't find any video of the fight so I posted this tribute video to Carl Froch instead, posted on YouTube last December:

Nice music too by Kings Of Leon... 'Use Somebody'.

Froch v Calzaghe title fight?

The World Boxing Council super-middleweight title, once the property of Joe Calzaghe, stays around the waist of Froch 'The Cobra' from Nottingham. It remains to be seen, if Calzaghe will come out of retirement to create a huge spectacle in a fight between these two great British boxers.