Monday, April 13, 2009

Time to go Gordon!

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I rarely comment on UK politics... I don't have any strong political affiliations or axe to grind. My politics have always tended to be liberal with a small 'l'.

Today though, I'm making an exception... as I really have had enough of Gordon Brown's morally defunct government!

In 1887, the historian and moralist, Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, expressed his opinion that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men".

Well, I don't for one second think Gordon Brown would ever fall into the category of 'great men' in anyone's mind... but I have come to the conclusion that this Labour government led by the un-elected Gordon Brown... is corrupt and morally lost!

This latest episode, involving the e-mails which planned the smearing of senior Tories by Damian McBride, the prime minister's former 'top adviser' and political press officer, which found their way to a Westminster blogger, Paul Staines who writes the Guido Fawkes Blog, is for me... the very last straw! I've had enough of this bunch of clowns... and yes I know... probably long after many of you came to this same conclusion. I do believe this Government has completely lost the confidence of the whole country now... if not maybe for a very small minority who perhaps blinkerdly... still read 'Red Rag'!

This latest blunder, at the very centre of No 10, when added to all the recent sleaze disclosures over Ministers' and MPs' expenses and most importantly of all to my mind, the Government's inability to deal properly with the Banks and the 'credit crunch' crisis... makes me think it really is time for Gordon Brown to call it a day!

The trouble is... if and when he goes... what next?

Saying something does not work is not good enough... unless you can say what WILL work... and I don't really have an answer to that! Once we arrive at the conclusion that Gordon must go, especially at a time when the UK and the world is screaming out for strong sensible Government and leadership, what are our alternatives?

David Cameron and George Osborne are unfit to govern, not because of any old photos, real or imagined, or visits to clinics, (the smearing planned by McBride) but because they don’t know what they want to do with power and are simply hoping Labour hand it over to the Tories... on a plate! After all... look what's happening to London under the buffoon Boris Johnson! How did this guy EVER get elected? Livingstone... though I didn't always necessarily agree with some of his politics... to my mind did a good job for London... didn't he? But that's a slightly different story... perhaps of electorates getting what they deserve!

As for alternatives to Gordon Brown and Labour... this really is a problem for the country.

I still remember vividly... the mess that Conservatives got us into during their last tenures... and I do NOT want to return to that. While I quite like Cameron as a person... and he IS particularly good during PMQ's at the 'despatch box' I don't think he has what the country needs right now... and this, to my mind, is firm and experienced intelligent leadership.

As I scan the political panorama, the only person who shines... and seems to me to be possibly capable of providing what the UK needs right now... is Vince Cable. He's about the only balanced voice that has consistently sounded like knowing what he's talking about on the economy... and the only voice that has provided a sensible approach to dealing with the financial mess that Gordon Brown has been... if not directly responsible for... has been incapable of providing any real leadership over. Brown's certainly not making things better... and Vince Cable just might!

Trouble is, the country will never elect a Liberal government... and I wouldn't want one led by the insubstantial Clegg anyway.

Here's a thought... in times of crisis in the past, the UK has chosen to go for Coalition Governments... and there's no question the country IS in crisis, over the economy... and society generally!

How about Vince Cable, as Leader of a sound, sensible, non-sleaze coalition Government, perhaps with Ken Clarke as his Chancellor of the Exchequer... and William Hague as Foreign Secretary (he has been sympathetic towards Gibraltar in the past)... now I'd vote for that!!

Oh and yes... I know... I did say I didn't want more of the old Conservatives and I've chosen two for my 'fantasy cabinet'! But... the difference is, both Clarke (a wet in Thatcher's day) and Hague are from the more acceptable side of Toryism... plus, with their experience they do still inspire confidence with most people... well, at least with me anyway!

One can dream... but I really worry for what's coming. The one thing I do know for sure is... Gordon Brown and his clowns... must go... and Gawd 'elp us with what comes next. Whatever it is... I can't see it being much worse than the mess Brown (and as a result the UK) is in... can you? rolleyes


Justin Roberts said...

You could always sign the petition...

Cybernest said...

Good suggestion Justin... done!

Anyone else interested in Gordon Brown calling a general election immediately can sign the petition here!