Thursday, March 05, 2009

The British Press need to 'singe some Spanish beards' in support of Gibraltar

Over the last few weeks, ever since the current visit by Princess Anne to Gibraltar was announced, there have been acres of space in the British press, dedicated to Spain's "hurt feelings" and how Spain consider this visit to be "inopportune" and "offensive" to Spain.

Some newspapers (and of course repeated on many mirror websites and blogs), have even been talking about how the visit has hurt Spain's "sensibilities"! Well, it's all so ludicrous, it's really laughable! Let me ask you... what about Gibraltar's 'sensibilities'? Who's looking after those??

Here's another of the British press' coverage, this one today in the Telegraph, talking about the "Princess Royal's visit to Gibraltar sparks anger"!

Well, I can tell you it certainly does spark anger! It sparks anger in me, over the continued impertinence of the Spanish complaints and 'irritation'. But you know, us Gibraltarians are used to this type of ongoing Spanish whingeing and complaints.

What makes me even more angry is the continued coverage that the British press gives to these impertinent remarks by Spanish politicians... talking about the 'outpost' and 'colony' of Gibraltar... so dismissively... as if Gibraltar doesn't matter. All that matters to them, it seems to me, is poor old Spain's constant whingeing!

Outpost??? Sheeesh... it's our damn country for Christ sakes! How about the British press supporting us Gibraltarians a little for a change! Just a weenie teensie bit?? How about the British press telling Spain... how affronted the British (and Gibraltarians) are... with their continued impertinence, constantly sticking their hooked garlic smelling noses into stuff that's NONE of THEIR damn business!! Baaah!!

Oh ok... I quite like garlic myself... but you know what I mean... and no... it's not racism on my part (I don't do that). But they do. I saw a comment by one 'Spaniard' (that's what he called himself) on another blog post, talking about "well, it's only 29,000 monkeys... so who cares"!!

Anyhow... moving on quickly, as for the Treaty of Utrecht... I've said it before (no doubt I will have to say it again!)... wake up... this Treaty is an anachronistic bit of paper.. that should be consigned to the dustbin of history and should no longer have any validity in the 21st century!

The people of Gibraltar have consistently and emphatically declared our own freely expressed wishes for self determination... and always in the best most democratic manner! The UK Government has accepted that our referendum in 2006, approving our new Constitution, was de facto, an act of self determination on our part, which in effect decolonised Gibraltar. They even argued this, alongside Gibraltar for once, in front of the UN Fourth Committee (which deals with delisting of the remaining 16 listed colonies on their book).

So, Prince's Anne's visit to Gibraltar today is a 'provocation'? Hah! Provocation indeed! It's Spanish impertinence like this that should be viewed as provocative and unhelpful... it's certainly unneighbourly... but then even after 300 years... they still cannot get over it!

Now that... is what the British press should be harping on about and devoting at least some space to... in emphatic support of Gibraltar!

Spain's continued impertinence and insistence on living in the past... not willing to accept the realities of a modern democratic Europe... is what is unacceptable and the British press should say so... and so should the British government be saying so too, for that matter! But... my point today is particularly directed at the British press!!

In my post a week or so ago, Who's business is it when the Princess Royal visits Gibraltar, I asked... "Where's Drake when you need him?" and added a famous quote by him, when he asked Queen Elizabeth I:

"So please your Majesty, to singe the King of Spain's beard; it has grown somewhat too long."

Today... I would like to ask the British press... to do likewise to Spain's politicians... support Gibraltar... and go tell the Spanish where to get off!


SomeOne said...

Couldn't agree more. Spanish need to grow up and accept that they ceded Gibraltar and that they aren't going to get it back. Unfortunately, it's recently been the anniversary of the Treaty of Amiens, where Britain had to cede Minorca back. I wonder, how do they feel about it?

Shazzbat said...

As I consider absolutely out of purpose (and unuseful) to initiate a fight here, I just want to remind a couple of things:

a) The fucking Treaty of Utrecht was not signed by any Spanish King. Just signatures of Queen Anne of England and Motherfucker King Louis XIV of France appear on it. Unfortunately this unpleasant issue was provoked by the French, who wash their hands now.

b) MEnorca was ceded back to Spain just because the island was previously invaded by the English, so I cannot understand the point of Amiens. What's supposedly to be celebrated, mate?

Anyway I do not want to spark a discussion here and myuch less to waste time of life in a quarrel. That's just my point of view. I just hope you to be a bit openminded and try to catch up the matter from both sides of the river.

Ernest, as you know my English is far from perfect, so feel free to make up my swearwords if you want to.