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Spanish Army reform to allow transgendered soldiers

Here's a story that will gladden the heart of every Gibraltarian... and which gives me a chance to show this picture (left) of some lovely sexy Spanish army girls.

In future... and in light of the following report, we may find it more difficult to make a distinction... as I do here. You may no longer be so sure of the actual gender of a Spanish soldier. I'm not even sure transgendered is the right way to describe this as the definition itself is still "in a state of flux"!

You see, according to my esteemed colleague Sancho, who this morning posted an interesting story over at Tilting at Windmills, a new reform in the Spanish Army may change its 'fighting' reputation forever... if indeed it ever had one... well apart from La Legion that is, whose motto is 'Los Novios de la Muerte' or 'The Grooms of Death'!

Apparently, the Spanish Government has just approved a reform that allows transsexuals or men without a penis to join the armed forces!

A Spanish government ministerial order overturns a medical restriction that has been in place for the past 20 years.

Sancho, in his post, wonders how Franco would have handled this? Well... with tweezers and rubber gloves, like any sensible man would, I should think! Moving on...

Understandably, Sancho reports that the associations of gays and transsexuals have welcomed the decision because they say, "no doubt correctly", that "the law was an indignity and violated the rights of the individual".

It appears that the situation reached a head (it's unclear whether this pun was intended) some months ago when a young transsexual of 29 years denounced the Armed Forces because it refused to allow him to enlist because he lacked the necessary male equipment.

When I pointed out this 'possible pun' in his story, Sancho replied:

"all puns are intended even if I didn't know it was a pun at the time!"

I'm happy to accept this... wise man our Sancho. I hope my readers show the same empathy towards my word splodgings!

Getting back to the story... in the Spanish army, transsexuals who in the past have kept their penis and testicles were able to enlist, whilst those who didn’t, couldn’t.

Sancho adds:

"Of course in days of old all they were interested in was that you could aim and shoot and nobody worried whether you were packing a piece or not.

However I must admit that if a kilted force – the famous ladies or in this case the lads from hell - who traditionally wear nothing under their skirts, attacked then raised their hems to reveal nothing underneath, it might, just might, have the enemy running off faster than you’d imagine."

ha ha! Yes, I remember the scene in 'Carry on up the Khyber' I think it was! If you've never seen this very funny film, to my mind one of THE best of the Carry on series of films, let me describe it:

It's 1895. The British colonisation of India continues despite the threat posed by the Khasi of Kalabar and his loyal army of Burpers. Rebellion seems imminent when it is discovered that the feared 3rd Foot in Mouth Regiment (The Devils in Skirts) actually wear underwear under their kilts. When the Khasi receives proof of this he starts an uprising among Bungdit Din's Burpers against the British forces under Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond. However Captain Keene leads a small group of men deep into India in an attempt to stop the approaching massacre.... as for the rest, you just have to see the film!

As for the Spanish Army... and soldiers lacking the 'right equipment'... well, the mind boggles... hardly bears thinking about. I'll tell you this... I'll never be able to look at a Spanish Legionnaire in the same way again! Not that I've ever been brave enough to look 'em straight in the eye before... these guys DID or DO have a reputation for violence!

Anyhow... I did think the article was interesting and well observed... and I told Sancho as much in a comment on his blog post, which I'd like to share with you here:

While most armies around the world (certainly in European countries) have long ago accepted women in their ranks... and quite rightly so... women are still not part of 'frontline' troops. In other words, those who do the actual fighting, again probably for good reason. One would assume this is possibly because 'they don't have what it takes'.

I say this cautiously as I don't want my comment to appear chauvinistic or macho. It's not intended to be.

But the thought strikes me... will these soldiers have 'what it takes' to fight, to be aggressive, violent, do the 'getting down and dirty'. Will they really have what it takes to 'stick it in them' when it comes to hand to hand combat? hmmm

(no I'm not smirking as I write... I'm actually falling about laughing!)

I said to Sancho, that I liked his (perhaps unintended) pun when he talked of "the young transsexual who denounced the Armed Forces because it refused to allow him to enlist because he lacked the necessary male equipment". So I asked him, when he said "the situation reached a head"... surely, it can't have been his own huh?

As you read above, Sancho did reply to my question, as to whether he had intended the pun... and clarified it admirably! I suspect he'll have more difficulty with the second question I posed!

Anyway... as an afterthought... this is of course all good news for Gibraltar I think... if ever things 'come to a head' in this particular dispute! ;)

Oh and yes... before anyone says it... I know this post is a touch puerile... but... you gotta have a larf eh!

Sorry Felix! ;)


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