Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A passing note on spineless blogging!

Here's a post that could come back and bite my behind in the future! :@:@

Followers of my blog may have read the post I wrote the other day giving another Blogger (and maybe others similarly ignorant) a geography lesson on The 'Island of Gibraltar'.

Readers may note with passing interest... that the comments, made by me and Donovan, which were published in that post, and were posted on Mike's blog post ('the idiot') have now been deleted by him!

Readers will I'm sure, make their own judgement on this somewhat spineless approach to blogging!

For myself, I can't see what the point of having a comment system is... if the blogger is going to remove any unfavourable posts that readers may make from time to time. This is just an incumbent hazard... when one puts 'one's head above the parapet' and blogs!

In my humble opinion, Bloggers should stand by and live with the consequences of whatever one writes about. This is something that I am very aware of and no doubt will fall foul of... given time! :)

I think, when unfavourable posts are made, one either needs to be able to stand by one's story, or opinion or view expressed... and if necessary argue it... or if persuaded by the strength of argument, one simply has to hold one's hand up and back down and / or simply apologise for maybe getting it wrong... or possibly causing offence unjustly.

To my mind, simply deleting a comment... is just cowardly... and like the ostrich, it's just hiding one's head in the sand of bigotry or hypocrisy... or just simply of being wrong!

Readers will also agree... when (perhaps unkindly) categorising Mike as 'an idiot'... I was spot on! On the other hand... you may disagree. This being the case, by all means tell me so... in a comment. I promise I will NOT delete it! :)


roughseasinthemed said...

I delete spam. I choose not to advertise adverts over which I have no control (although if you tell me it is worth it I could change my mind.....) so I don't want people riding on the back of my blog.

I have also deleted one comment that was personal and not related to the blog post. It was a point that could otherwise have been made in an email.

So broadly speaking, I agree with you. I don't like deleting history, and I think if we all post our opinions then we need to accept that we may receive comments that don't agree with our perspective.

I don't agree with all of your views, and I am sure you don't agree with all mine either. But some courtesy and respect is also called for on the internet by everyone who participates. It should not become a verbal battlefield or a means to silence disagreement - unless there are clear rules about what sort of comments are acceptable.

I hope this works today!!

Cybernest said...

The question of SPAM on comments is of course another matter and one not really related to the point I'm making here. I delete ALL SPAM instantly... for the same reasons as you do.

As for the rest of your comment... yep fair comment!

Btw... I also coincidentally deleted a personal comment on a post today... which was unrelated to that post... and also could have easily been made to me via normal email! :)

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

As a follower of my blog (for which I thank you) you will already know that I can be a tad offensive. However, I do actually have a certain standard of principles that I would never dream of contravening.

My basic philosophy on blogging is exactly as you have so eloquently notated in this post. I also feel that censorship is a thing best left to our present government, at this moment in time, and free speech is something that we should all endeavor to encourage within the blogosphere otherwise there will be no hope for any of us.

If one has an opinion it is just that and if someone has a differing or opposing comment then they should be allowed to express it freely without fear of 'deletion'.

Personal issues are, of course, a different matter and you have already covered that.

Therefore my conclusion, in this instant, is that Mike is a complete twat and, predictably, he would be just the kind of selfish idiot that would be the first person to complain if he felt that his rights to freedom of speech had been curtailed.

I fear that there is one born every minute.

Keep up the good work

Cybernest said...

Goodness me... @:@: a comment from the most venerable and iconic of ALL grumpy old gits on the blogosphere... the King... the GrumpyOldTwat himself!

I am honoured and humbled by your very kind words... and your visit sir!

Yes I do much enjoy following your blog... and learn a lot from it and not just the satirical news either.

Your blog is a 'tad offensive'? ha ha... Yes, just a touch, to put it mildly... but always with great humour (makes me guffaw out loud regularly, for instance over the last couple of days with TWATCO 'every little hurts')... and best of all, always with an excellent point lurking amidst the (highly) irreverent content.

Long may you continue... and thanks for gracing my humble blog with your presence today!

With a warming glass of Rioja in hand... (and assured you have a similar red of preference in yours)... from one 'grumpy old Gibo' to the king of GrumpyOldTwats... your very good health Sir!