Friday, March 06, 2009

Mandy gets 'guacamole' facial

Environmental protester, Leila Deen, attacked Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary, this morning... by throwing what appeared to be guacamole in his face.

Very funny! But... was it guacamole, green custard or Prescott's mushy peas left overs... or something else... possibly instigated by our Ken??

I love the way she just casually walks away with her cup in hand!

Here's Mandelson... commenting after he got cleaned up:

I must say our Mandy's reactions are very composed, dignified, even humorous. In similar circumstance, I doubt whether my reactions would have been so calm... and Prescott... would have probably 'bopped' her!

On a serious note though, the question of security of Ministers must be raised! How can someone get to do this so easily?? Amusing... but very questionable for the security services!

Now... who would you like to do this to... in Gibraltar?? Answers on a postcard please... or preferably, comment below: