Sunday, March 15, 2009

I take my hat off to... The Girl Who Silenced The World For 6 Minutes

Today, I'd like to take my hat off to this highly eloquent Canadian teenager!

Her cry from the heart was made 16 years ago, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

The Conference is also known as the Rio Summit, Earth Summit (or, in Portuguese, Eco '92), a major conference focusing on environmental issues which was held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. the UN international Environmental Conference.

Whilst she certainly silenced this UN Conference... one has to ask... did anybody really listen?

This girl's message is one that's unfortunately still not been heard enough... and 16 years on still resonates loudly!

I'm also wondering what happened to this young lady (who must now be in her early 30's)... and what she might have to say today... about our continuing and much increased concerns over our environment... and of course the other global issues she raised?