Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heineken... for wardrobe lovers

Have you seen the new Heineken commercial? I just came across it... very funny!

I'm no lager man... more a real ale type... but that video really makes one feel like having one of those... right?


Paul said...

Do proper British beers go down well in Gib (if they're available) or is it all mass-market keg rubbish?

Cybernest said...

Hi Paul

British beers go down very well but alas, as you put it, only available as 'keg rubbish' or bottled. Also the range of beers available in keg is very limited. I'm afraid there's nothing like a good real ale like Adnams Best which I enjoy here.

Having said that, I used to enjoy Caffreys or Kilkenny... but of course, they're Irish bitters.

I've not visited for a while, but I doubt whether things have changed much. Perhaps someone else, a beer drinker currently living in Gibraltar can give us a fresher answer?