Thursday, March 26, 2009

The grumpy old Gibo's still got it!

Yep... it seems like the grumpy old Gibo's still got it!

Seems I can still attract the attention of sexy blondes... in this case I've attracted the attention of a sexy Russian wordsmith!

Marina says I wrote a 'nice post about her' (well I did)... and now she's made a nice post about me too!!

One or two of her readers are a bit 'up in arms' though and not too complimentary either... coming out for her like knights in shining armour! ha ha Quite right too... all good fun guys!

Marina... however many guys you have helping you (behind the scenes... doing an excellent job too), like bees around a honeypot... I think all's well with the world... things as they should be and you are a clever girl Marina... and dead sexy! :)

Oh... any chance of one of your famous calendars?? Actually, I'll be happy with just a pic... especially if it's a signed one!?? :@:@ ;)