Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Burglar kills 3 month old puppy in Gibraltar

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) reported this afternoon that they are investigating a burglary in which a three month old pet bull dog puppy was killed.

Police were called to investigate a burglary reported to them at 21:15hrs on Tuesday evening, 24th March 2009.

It appears that a residence at Castle Road was broken into sometime during the hours of 9am and 9pm on Tuesday 24th March. The only items that seems to have been stolen was a games console. However, the burglar or burglars, incomprehensibly, also saw fit to kill a three month old pet bull dog puppy that was in the residence!!

Why the burglar(s) saw fit to kill this puppy is beyond me. This image on the right, is of a bulldog puppy of a similar age as the one the burglars killed, in this case 14 weeks old. Surely, the little dog the burglars saw fit to kill, would not have been any threat to the burglar(s). It certainly would not have been able to give any evidence against them... so I find it incomprehensible that anyone could do such a thing... for ANY reason!

I really feel for the owners as they must be distraught over their loss of a loved pet!

The RGP report that crime scene investigators were called in to search for clues and that inquiries are being conducted. I very much hope they catch whoever is responsible for this appalling crime... and that they get the punishment they deserve!

I would ask anyone who may have any information about this dreadful incident... to contact the Royal Gibraltar Police on any of the following telephone numbers:

20072500 (non-emergencies only)
199 or 112 (emergencies only)
155 (Community Crime Line to anonymously report a crime)
20077677 (Drugs Hotline for a drugs related call)

Update - 10:12 am 26th March 2009:

According to a report on this in the Gibraltar Chronicle, apparently the puppy was dropped from a third floor balcony... the 'scumbags'!


Giselle said...

This is such a senseless crime, beyond belief......