Sunday, March 22, 2009

RIP Jade

Jade Goody, in happier times at the height of her celebrity, at Soccer Six Music Industry charity football event at Upton Park stadium in London - May 2007
It was with great regret that I heard of Jade Goody's passing this morning.

Such a sad irony... that she should pass away from us on Mother's Day.

Perhaps, in a way, it is quite fitting as her main concern in her latter days was all for her children and making sure she left behind enough to provide for them and ensuring they get the education and upbringing that Jade herself was never able to enjoy. She's left a great legacy for them... and maybe for all of us too!

My condolences to all her loved ones... who will forever have warm lasting memories of her!

RIP Jade! xx

Facebook Book of Condolences

Facebook users may be interested in this 'Book of Condolences for Jade'.

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