Thursday, March 12, 2009

An iconic view of Gibraltar... with a difference

Originally uploaded by tripiton35 (felipe)
I just came across this great pic on Felipe's (tripiton35) Photostream at Flickr.

At first glance, the photograph looks like the often seen iconic view of Gibraltar, taken from along the Bay of Gibraltar probably around Los Barrios, on the way round to Algeciras opposite.

However, I was particularly attracted to this pic, and thought I would share it with you... because it is a little unusual... and... now I'm not a photographer by any means.. but I can admire a good image when I see it and I think this is good... and very well photographed. (full marks to Felipe!)

The colour and lighting is unusual, clear and bright. I also like the way the evening lights, mainly from the 'reclaimed' Westside area I think, shines across the bay like a moonbeam.

What I especially find unusual and interesting in this photograph, is the way Felipe has captured the Levanter cloud hovering over Gibraltar, as often it does. The levanter cloud always reminds me of the old Gambol's cartoons by Barry Appleby, that featured in the Daily Express for 46 years (Appleby sadly died in 1996) A cloud of gloom would hover over George Gambol's head whenever his wife stressed him out (the basis for many of these cartoons).

The bright light at the top of the north peak, with the cloud (of smoke maybe) seemingly streaming south, makes it look like an erupting volcano and some commentators on the Flickr page describe it as such.... one saying he thought the Rock was "on fire"!

To me... it resonates of a surreal old steamship slowly ploughing through the still evening... or even of a powerful old steam engine!

Anyway... for me, it's a very interesting, pleasing and unusual image of the very iconic Rock of Gibraltar... and well done Felipe for capturing it!