Friday, March 20, 2009

Madoff pirates twats blanca luz and the height of hypocrisy

Spain has netted a huge fine for illegal fishing.

Andalucia must pay the record 100 million euros fine for failing to prevent the capture of rare fish and for illegal fishing off the coasts of Andalucia.

The massive fine is being levied on Spain by the European Union, after constant warnings about the illicit capture of, in particular, young boquerones and chanquetes, went unheeded.

The European Court has ruled that Spain has continually failed to control the illegal fishing in its waters.

And they have the cheek to accuse Gibraltar of 'piracy'! Don't you just love 'em? Listen to this...

Yesterday, our friend, that guiding light of Spain's right wing PP opposition party, José Ignacio Landaluce (or Blanca Luz for short), was stirring it up for Gibraltar again, no doubt whilst enjoying stuffing himself over lunch with plenty of illegal omega 3!

While the illegal fishing goes on 'Blanca Luz' has the bare faced cheek to denounce Gibraltar's "fiscal paradise" (yawn), impugning that somehow, Gibraltar is responsible for 'him who Madoff' with all those rich people's money!

Reaching out for the high (immoral) grounds of hypocrisy, 'Blanca Luz' affirmed yesterday, that the Madoff case "ratifies the denunciations" he has been "making for a long time" over Gibraltar's "money laundering" activities!

'Blanca Luz' assured that the investigations that the New York authorities intend to conduct in Gibraltar, (with which by the way he fails to mention that the Gibraltar authorities are co-operating fully), the "known destination of the money allegedly defrauded by the banker Bernard Madoff", is once again "raising the unfair competition posed to the rest of European Union countries, by the the "Rock's fiscal paradise laws".

What I would love is for that other old wily Spaniard, Judge, Baltasar Garzon, himself under fire for some supposed 'fishy tax' wrongdoings... to sort his problems out... and come and have a look at 'Blanca Luz's own tax and money affairs. I wonder where 'Blanca Luz' stashes his dosh??

I'm sure it is pure idle gossip... and well we would say this wouldn't we... but I am given to understand... from good authority... that many of Spain's top bods (and this includes in high places in political circles) have loads of dosh stashed away... in the many banks of our grand 'fiscal paradise'... but of course, they will never admit that will they?! What a bunch of hypocritical twat pirates! Sheesssh... don't it make you mad? It does me... and yes I am coming out with a touch of the vernacular as I cannot bring myself to talk propa English when discussing twats!

I wish I had the GrumpyOldTwat's grasp for imaginatively (and comically) tinkering with Photoshop... as otherwise I'd dress our friend 'Blanca Luz' up as a Johnny Depp lookalike in 'The Pirates of Andalucia'!

For his prowess in reaching heady heights of hypocrisy... I am awarding 'Blanca Luz' today... my highly honoured "Twat of the Week" award!


Llanito Pirate said...

heh heh Blanca Luz for Landaluce, that is smart, apt and very funny! Nice play on words there Cyber!

A Gibraltarian Woman said...

To all Spaniards who continue their unjust, unrelentless allegations against Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians I would say this, "You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye" Matthew 7 - 5.